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Hot honey recipes and inspiration

  • RECIPE: Build your own Avocado Toast Bar

    Brunch for a group can feel a little overwhelming, especially if you’re cooking for a group with a variety of dietary needs.

    Enter your new best friend: the avocado toast buffet. It looks impressive and allows your guests to create the toast of their dreams. Most of these items can be prepped ahead of time. The only thing we’d insist on doing right before service is slicing avocados, toasting the bread, and cooking your eggs. 
  • RECIPE: Scorpion Honey Kimchi Dog

    I cannot tell a lie: I am in lifelong love with the hot dog. 

    “Sarah,” you might say, “it’s trash meat in a tube.” 

    Correct. And I love it. 

    You know who loves hot dogs more than I do? Every single person in the nation of South Korea. The Korean corn dog, if you’re not familiar, is a thing of sublime beauty: crunch, sour, sweet, smokey, rich.

    I’ll never be able to get close to that in my own kitchen, but I do love to add kimchi to my American style dog, plus a little sweet and creamy aioli with Scorpion Honey.