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RECIPE: Build your own Avocado Toast Bar

Brunch for a group can feel a little overwhelming, especially if you’re cooking for a group with a variety of dietary needs.

Enter your new best friend: the avocado toast buffet. It looks impressive and allows your guests to create the toast of their dreams. Most of these items can be prepped ahead of time. The only thing we’d insist on doing right before service is slicing avocados, toasting the bread, and cooking your eggs. 

Feel free to print or pin the recipe cards. Text below.




-get some variety going with a loaf of sourdough, a wheat opinion, and a gluten-free choice

- Place toast on sheet pants and toast under the broiler on low. Leave the broiler on in case any of your guests want a little extra toast and crunch 

- You have 2 options here, which require very different prep times: 

Avocado Fans:
- Slice your avocado in parallel lines then scoop the whole thing out and place it cut side down on a platter or cutting board. Gently press one side to “fan” the slices out and serve with a pie cutter or other flat servingware. Only do this when you can serve them immediately. 

Smashed Avocado: 

  • No shame in the prep ahead game, and all you have to do is smash some avocado up in a bowl. If you want to add some fresh garlic, lime, salt, green onion, whatever, you can give it a little oomph at this step. 


  • Bacon for a group is simple, and you can prep it ahead of time and warm it up when fully cooked. Place your strips of bacon on a sheet pan and pop it in a COLD oven and turn on at 400F. This makes the bacon fat render slowly and keeps your bacon strips flat. 


  • If you want to get fancy with it, use the muffin tin method of poaching multiple eggs at once. 
  • Alternatively, everyone loves a scrambled egg. For best texture, cook your eggs right before serving 


  • Make sure your vegetarian and vegan guests can have some kind of complete protein. Cuban style black beans are a great crowd pleaser, mushrooms are classy af, and soy chorizo tastes nearly identical to the real meaty deal. 


Have a bunch of tiny, cute bowls? This is their time to shine. More importantly, these are all toppings that you can prep ahead of time or serve as-is. 

Sliced Radishes – serve raw or fridge pickled in a little vinegar and salt

Rodeo Relish – just put a fork in there and call it a day 

Burger Jam – Spoon into jar, jar onto table, done 

Cilantro – put in a cup of water like fresh flowers and have guests tear or snip some off. It’s interactive and fun, won’t get wilty and brown, and will add a great scent to the occasion. 

Spring Onions/Chives – You can cut these the night before and wrap them in a wet paper towel to keep them from wilting. 

Scorpion Honey, Sweet Stinger, Sriracha – Put it on the table in the bottle if its casual, or serve it in tiny bowls with spoons if you’re feeling fancy

This is a great way to feed a group of adventurous and picky eaters – the picky ones can have their plain eggs on toast and the adventurous eaters can build a mile-high stack of flavors and textures. Everyone wins!