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RECIPE: Scorpion Honey Kimchi Dog

I cannot tell a lie: I am in lifelong love with the hot dog. 

“Sarah,” you might say, “it’s trash meat in a tube.” 

Correct. And I love it. 

You know who loves hot dogs more than I do? Every single person in the nation of South Korea. The Korean corn dog, if you’re not familiar, is a thing of sublime beauty: crunch, sour, sweet, smokey, rich.

I’ll never be able to get close to that in my own kitchen, but I do love to add kimchi to my American style dog, plus a little sweet and creamy aioli with Scorpion Honey. 

Feel free to download, print, or pin the recipe card. Screen reader friendly version of the recipe below.


Cabbage kimchi (we use True Kimchi

All beef hot dog



¼ c mayo

1 t gochujang (Korean chili paste)

1 t Scorpion Honey (or to preferred sweet/hot level)


Whisk aioli ingredients together.

Prepare your hot dog however you see fit.

When it's ready for toppings, pile kimchi onto your dog to your heart's content, then drizzle on some of the spicy-sweet aioli.

Eat in 5 blissful bites.