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Hot honey recipes and inspiration

  • RECIPE: Scorpion Honey Kimchi Dog

    I cannot tell a lie: I am in lifelong love with the hot dog. 

    “Sarah,” you might say, “it’s trash meat in a tube.” 

    Correct. And I love it. 

    You know who loves hot dogs more than I do? Every single person in the nation of South Korea. The Korean corn dog, if you’re not familiar, is a thing of sublime beauty: crunch, sour, sweet, smokey, rich.

    I’ll never be able to get close to that in my own kitchen, but I do love to add kimchi to my American style dog, plus a little sweet and creamy aioli with Scorpion Honey. 

  • RECIPE: Sweet and spicy crab rangoons + sauce

    Crab rangoon is nostalgic, everyone loves them, and it’s easy to make it dairy-free by swapping out the cream cheese for a plant alternative. Trust me: bringing out a tray of fresh-fried crispy stars filled with an amped-up version of the classic will be a huge hit. 
  • RECIPE: Ultraversatile sweet and spicy Thai style peanut sauce

    Summer rolls with peanut sauce. Chicken satay with peanut sauce. Salad with peanut sauce as dressing. Dunking coconut shrimp. 
    Make it. Love it. Live it. Peanut sauce.