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RECIPE: Ramp + Duck Fat Mashed Potatoes

Ramps are up right now, and if you want them on your Easter table as a celebration of spring, get them now and "preserve" them by making ramp compound butter. 

It's super easy: 

Wash your ramps thoroughly to remove any dirt, sand or grit (I soak mine in the sink for 30 min first to make sure it all comes off)

Then, heat equal volume of butter on the stove until it's bubbly and a little browned. 

Stuff the leaves into the blender or food processor, then pour the hot butter right over top -- this will bring out the green color and lightly blanch the leaves to avoid browning. 

Pack the butter into a waxed paper lined loaf pan and chill. To store it, wrap it in several layers of waxed paper, then 2 more of foil, then into a Ziplock and pop it into the freezer for up to a year. 

garlic ramp mashed potatoes recipe card